I freshly graduated from the Graphic Design department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.
Komolytalan projekt, 2012, Bécs.
Boldog szülinapot kívánság képek útján egy éppen külföldön tartózkodó ismerősnek. A születésnapját megelőzően minden nap egy-egy talált-csinált betűt posztoltunk számára. Közös projekt Hasenstaub Líviával. 

Komolytalan projekt, 2012, Bécs.

Boldog szülinapot kívánság képek útján egy éppen külföldön tartózkodó ismerősnek. A születésnapját megelőzően minden nap egy-egy talált-csinált betűt posztoltunk számára. Közös projekt Hasenstaub Líviával. 

"MOME 12" is a student project. The task was to create a layout for at least twelve pages with the title "Twelve steps to MOME" (MOME being Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest). My idea was to take this title very non-literally, so I decided to design a mock-manual for becoming an artist. The 12 steps are the life-events and decisions that are necessary for becoming an artist. Writing the text on my own gave me unique opportunity to controll the content and experimenting with text-and-typography relations. 
It was not the kind of topic that I felt comfortable writing about in a serious way, so I decided to use a light tone. My goal was to create a mock-tutorial, a do-it-yourself manual. Additional to my text I also quoted famous artists - both their words and their iconic photos. I used them in a way very different from their original context, so a double-edgedness, a second layer of meaning appears. My intension with using well-known photos of great artists as illustrations was to create a sense of absurdity that goes well with the text.
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"From Point A to B" is a student project created by Livia Hasenstaub and Sára Ulrich in Vienna 2012. 

We were set to the task to come up with ideas how to improve the transportation system: firstly in Vienna, but influencing also the whole of Austria and since there are international trams, buslines etc. the project may not stop at the borders. 

Uniting the different transportation methods in one global system by making the different companies (ÖBB, CAT, SB, Wiener Linien, City Bike) co-operate, would be an evident solution that could make transportation more efficient. 
Our concept has 3 focuses - 3 key points: 
1. rationalising the price system of travel fees
2. introducing a smart card that unites the different tickets and passes
3. installing an information system that works on smart phones.
By these steps, travellers can be influenced to develop a eco-friendly behavior. Consequently, their journey can be simpler, more comfortable and cheaper. 

In our concept AB Project would be at first and optional choice for the travelers, later on it could be entwined with the sytem of public transportation that is already there. We created a brand and identity for the project: “From Point A to B”  uses simple geometric shapes that refer to the route, the shortcut, the starting point and end point of a journey. By using long-expostion photographs we wanted to capture the essence of mobility in its most simple form: the movement itself.

For more pictures & details visit:

Silkscreen printed calendar posters. The months and the seasons are seperated by changing patterns. All the patterns are built up by simple typographic elements. This calendar is one of the projects I completed in Vienna during my Erasmus studies in the Graphic Department of Angewandte. 

Szitanyomat naptár-poszterek. A hónapokat és évszakokat a váltakozó minta fejezi ki. Mindegyik minta egyszerű tipográfiai jelekből áll. Ez a naptár projekt Bécsben készült, mialatt Erasmuszos diákként az Angewandte képgrafika szakán tanultam. 

CD and business card design for the Hungarian jazz singer, Boglárka Bábiczki. The design tries to express her musical style: traditional jazz side by side with playful free improvisation and experimental music. 

CD borító és névjegykártya a magyar jazz énekes, Bábiczki Boglárka számára. A design a tulajdonosa zenei stílusát igyekszik visszaadni: a tradicionális jazz zene, szabad zene, experimentális zene. 

Check out if the design suits her:

Itt meghallgathatjátok: 

During the one week workshop of MOME Dictiona-a-ary each student were given one or two English words (starting with the letter a) that can be pictured by graphic design methods. I was given two words: Aloof and Accurate. The goal was to build the picture of the words in a way so the looker gets impressions and associations  of the meaning. 

The project is now exhibited in Budapest with about 30 other students’ work. 

For the whole material of the exhibition you can visit:

MIKROMAKRO was a one-week long MOME coursework. MIKROMAKRO was the title for an imaginary exhibition of contemporary artists. 

MIKROMAKRO: egyhetes egyetemi kurzus. Plakát készítése a MIKROMAKRO (kitalált) kiállítás számára, mely kortárs képzőművészeket mutat be. 

OPTYPO, a one week long university course was centerd around the theme of renessaince in graphic design, during which I designed “Moiré type”. Moiré type is a display alphabet which is based on the moiré effect and retro shapes. 

Later my poster for Optypo was exhibited in Budapest along with 15 others.

Optypo, az egyhetes egyetemi kurzus témája az op-art reneszánsza volt a tervezőgrafikában. A kurzus alatt én a Moiré betűt terveztem. Moiré egy display betűtípus, mely retro formákra és a jól ismert optikai illúziók egyikére, a moiré hatásra épül.

A kurzusra tervezett plakátom, 15 másik munkával együtt Budapesten volt kiállítva.

Lewis Carroll könyvének, az Alice Csodaországban-nak tipográfiai illusztrációja. A gyerekkönyv-hangulat helyett az író személyére, áltudományos és matematikai hozzáállására tettem a hangsúlyt.

The Lewis Carroll book, Alice in Wonderland. Illustrated by typographical elements instead of pictures. The concept of the false-infographic atmoshere was based on the mathematical mind and attitude of Lewis Carrol himself and on the atmoshere of nonsense literature.

Illustration for children in the category of non-fiction. 

Szakillusztráció gyerekek számára. 

Anti-digital ‘Business Card Making Kit’ for the musician, Pozsár Máté. The design tries to express his human character and also his music style that varies from jazz, experimental and free music. All of the 200 cards is uniquely painted, not printed this allows choosing a card that fits for the present mood, the situation and the person to whom it is given. The stamp gives opportunity for the owner to take part in the design proccess. The actual outcome is based on his decision; this way it can be made truely personal.

Anti-digitális névjegykártya-készítő készlet Pozsár Máté számára. A design a tulajdonos személyiségét és zenéjét (experimentális/free/jazz) próbálja kifejezni. A kétszáz névjegykártyából mindegyik egyedi, festett, nem pedig nyomtatott, ez lehetőséget ad az aktuális hangulathoz, szituációhoz, és a személyhez illő kártya választására. A pecsét használata lehetőséget ad a tulajdonosa számára, hogy részt vegyen a tervezési folyamatban; a kártya végleges kinézete az ő döntésén múlik, ettől személyessé válik. 

Duel-duette of two typefaces.

MOME-dictionary project: typographical associations for words.

I was given the word ‘accurate’.